Let’s Talk Climate!

The climate card game

What gives us the passion and drive for climate protection? We developed ‘Let’s Talk Climate!’ to meet the yearnings of those who feel defeated, helpless and depressed about the topic of climate change. We believe this game is the stimulant they need to start that conversation and regain control, alone or in groups.

Every card is designed, through thought-provoking questioning, to stimulate the mind to reflect and recall memorable experiences about the environment. The game is a relationship builder with a purpose, and can be used by any group of two persons or more to motivate one another to explore issues and ideas on climate change, its consequences and what you can do personally to protect the climate.

You can either shuffle the cards virtually and play here or download the cards and print them out. 

We hope you enjoy it. So, go ahead and give it a go! 

  1. What is your favourite environmental pressure group? How did the group become your favourite, and what do you like most about them?

  2. How does being involved in active positive action for the environment make you feel? What recent positive action have you done for the climate and how did it make you feel?

  3. What place in your local environment do you find naturally beautiful and would give anything to retain? What makes it so fascinating for you?

  4. Who is your climate change accountability partner – someone who challenges and inspires you to be pro-climate in your choices?

  5. What engagement have you had with a child or young person on climate change? What did you focus on or what would you like to emphasize, if you had the opportunity?

  6. Who or what group has recently impressed you positively on the topic of climate change?

  7. Imagine you had the power to give a special award to a climate champion, who would that be and for what action?

  8. In which natural environment do you feel most comfortable and why?

  9. Name three terms that best describe your feelings about climate change.

  10. What old hobby could you take up again to combat climate change?

  11. What would you say to encourage someone who is discouraged and pessimistic on what the future holds for the climate?

  12. What do you consider to be generosity in the matter of climate change and climate protection?

  13. How would you describe a forest to someone who has never experienced one?

  14. What do you admire about someone doing things for the climate that you cannot even dream of?

  15. What three things /traits do you think can help us successfully combat climate change?

  16. What recent environmental protection innovation are you most thankful for?

  17. Who have you lately positively engaged with on climate change? What was good about your conversation?

  18. What nature experience did you so much relish that you wish others could experience too?

  19. Complete the sentence: For me, the beauty of nature is ……………

  20. What daily habit do you have that benefits the climate? What would you say has been your biggest contribution so far?

  21. Imagine you are a climate ambassador. What would be your first official act?

  22. You have been commissioned to design an advertising campaign for a new approach to climate change. What catchy slogan would you use?

  23. What could really inspire people in your network to take action on climate change?

  24. Give three reasons why you are motivated to actively promote climate protection.

  25. Who is your favourite super hero/heroine and what would they do to combat climate change?

  26. Describe a really touching experience you had in nature.

  27. Can you name what you consider to be 3 positive effects of the current climate crisis?

  28. What would you do to protect the climate, if money was not an issue?

  29. What three personal characteristics energise you to be pro-climate?

  30. What is your favourite season of the year and why?

  31. What does being close to nature mean to you personally?

  32. Describe what you consider to be the perfect morning air.

  33. Think back to your childhood and give three examples of what you consider to be positive change in nature, the environment and climate.

  34. Who is your assured partner and collaborator in matters of climate action and protection?

  35. Name three people you know would enjoy this game but are not on board yet. How would you motivate them to take it up?

  36. What sound in nature do you find most impressive and why?

  37. Who is your go-to person for climate protection advice?

  38. What’s your climatesaving tip for everyone? Your small action, big impact tip for anyone.

  39. How would you like someone to boost your morale when you think the climate can’t be saved anymore?

  40. How would you prefer to share your thoughts, fears and hopes on climate change? Through a poem, a novel, a nonfiction book, a song?

  41. What do you consider to be your 3 greatest luxuries today?

  42. What consumption habit do you have today that was previously unthinkable for you?

  43. Complete the sentence: I feel rich because ...

  44. Where are you most optimistic that climate neutrality can be achieved quickly and sustainably? What is the reason for your optimism?

  45. What do you consider to be “freedom” in terms of climate change and climate protection?

  46. What needs to happen differently for you to accept sacrifice for climate sake as pleasure?

  47. What was your personal eye-opening moment on climate change? Describe the insight you gained.

  48. Complete the sentence: I am grateful that I am living in this era because ...

  49. What key message on climate change would you give to the leader of your country or region when you meet?

  50. Fast forward to 20 years from now. What answer would you give someone who asks of what you did personally to combat climate change?

  51. Assuming there is a platform for promoting innovations against global warming, what personal invention would you host on the platform?

  52. How do the terms nature, future and planet make you feel?

  53. What quick-win action could you start tomorrow that would contribute to climate protection?

  54. What attracts your attention and you want to touch when you are in a forest or park? What feelings do you have and why?

  55. How would you in ten years’ time describe the current time we live in, and what headline would you give it?

  56. For which pro-climate change action you have taken would your family and friends acclaim you?