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Invite friends

Have fun

Save the world

What it is about?

Have you often wondered what to do about climate change? How to deal with the consequential environmental and social upheaval in the world? Are you trying to minimise waste, shop consciously, reduce your carbon emissions… but still you feel like you are failing?

Then take the next step and create a more liveable future together with you friends. Your mission is:

Invite friends …

Have a great time together …

Have fun…

Save the world!

Where is our world today?

Let’s put it this way: we should do something … NOW! What can you do? And that’s where the whole mess begins … quite often we individually feel paralyzed. But we can work together to make an impact!

It’s a game, but it’s for real

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Do you want to learn more?

What exactly is it about?

We want to change the world. The big challenge we all face is climate change. That’s what it’s all about and we need to band together to make a difference. Here is an idea to help you start. Organise an event with your friends, but instead of having a coffee party, a pub night, or a Tupperware party, we are taking you by the hand, guiding you along a path we’ve prepared for you. Your feedback will help us constantly improve. Like in an adventure game, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars … Along the way you will find obstacles and treasures. We will learn together, grow together and have new ideas. This game is about our life together on the blue planet!

How will this work?

Invite friends who are open to new things who would like to use their power for good in the world. Make some snacks, load a timer on your phone, buy Post-Its and hang a big block on the wall. Invite your friends by e-mail (template texts can be found here soon). Delegate tasks from “bring a chair” to “clean up” if you want. After all, everyone loves to save the world! And then enjoy the time together and have fun along the way … done! 🙂

What is this all for?

Well, you probably heard about climate change … here for example. Natural resources are becoming scarcer, the flow of goods, money, people and trade is being massively influenced and needs to be redesigned. There are also quite sobering predictions, even if you don’t want to consider them in a sober state. But there is still hope. Like Star Wars in Episode 5 or Harry Potter before the Battle of Hogwart or Anna and Elsa when Olaf opens the door with his nose and re-ignites the fire. We have the opportunity to join forces. Let us innovate together and not put our heads in the sand!

Uh, I’m very clever and sceptical so why should I get off my ass?

For a better future for our children, grandchildren, grand grandchildren, grand grand grandchildren … and so on, I think you get the idea. 🙂And for yourself! For your karma. So that we can live happily together and not squander the resources of our planet senselessly. So for all of us!
(But if you want to keep on being smart and super critical, please stay seated and do not stand in our way!) 😉

Can something go wrong?

No. The worst thing that can happen is that you spend a nice evening with friends, and that you do something different than usual. So go ahead, please start now. 😀

Who are we?

We are a team of friends who have sat still for too long. We did not know what to do. We have very different backgrounds. The protests of Fridays-for-Future have touched us humanly and moved us emotionally. The responsibility we as humanity have for our own destiny, but also for that of the planet, has never been as clear as it is today.

In the meantime, other movements have joined the protests. Like us, they are concerned with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and with further steps in the right direction. In a direction that prioritises climate policy goals higher than in the past due to its immense impact on virtually all areas of life. The climate and resources of our future must not be carelessly and irrevocably destroyed.

We would, therefore, like to take a hopeful and an impactful stand to emphasize the immense value of our planetary resources. As well as reorganizing the diverse opportunities we have in the interests of all living beings and for a liveable future.

We have founded the friends4future in order to have a positive impact on all levels of society, at all hierarchical levels and in all organizational models – from family, start-up to large-scale companies- and to help all those who would like to take more responsibility for saving our planet and for helping us all to take the next small steps towards a more hopeful direction. What unites all these dimensions is friendship, perhaps the smallest unit of social interaction. Just like everyone else we cannot see into the future and do not know exactly where we will arrive. But we know the guiding principles, the attitude and the values ​​with which we want to shape the necessary change and how we want to organize our interaction with each other in this way.

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We see ourselves as part of a larger movement! We stand behind the goals of these organizations and want to support their implementation with our initiative.

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